Guided Heritage Tours

Everyday and on regular hours, Park-trained specialists lead heritage tours mainly in the Museum and in the Fort Bulnes Site.

These tours are approximately 30 minutes long and are included with the access ticket price. To join these tours no booking is needed. You just have to show up at the start point 5 minutes before the the tour begins.

IMPORTANT: To join these tours please consider arriving at the Park at least ½ hour in advance. Consider that accessing the Park may take between 5 to 15 minutes.

More activities

Besides the daily guided heritage tours, every week  special tours and other activities are added (themed guided tours, gallery exhibitions, lectures, and more). Check the daily program regularly to be informed about these alternatives.


HourStrait Museum Fort Bulnes Site MHN
10:30In Español
11:00In English
12:00En Español
12:30In English
16:00In English
16:30En Español
17:30In English
18:00En Español

RECOMMENDATION: Arrive at the Park at least 1⁄2 hour before the start of the tours.